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Default Question about Fx tracks ....

I am just wanting to know this....

Like a lot of people, I have set up a template for my projects.

So, hypothetically, for my vocals, my template includes Fx tracks such as Delay, Plate, Hall, Reverb, Chorus, etc....

What I want to know is, let's just say that at first, I do not want to use the HALL or CHORUS Fx just yet but want to keep it in my project in case I might want to use it at a later time.

I am guessing that it is pretty simple, but, what is the proper way to disable those Fx until I need them? My first guess would be to MUTE the track. Is that right? Or is there another way?
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Various ways, as you'd expect. My habit using template FX tracks is shift+click on either the send or the FX itself. Sometimes ctrl+shift+click if I expect not to use the FX at all, or alt+click to delete.

More recently I've been getting into Rfx chains, which is a really convenient way to recall useful er, FX chains, even single FXes. It just takes a bit of housekeeping in the RfxChains folder when you start to get loads of redundant ones. But alt+click to remove one chain, right-click to load another is really easy.
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How about automate sends to track with fx?
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There are Preferences somewhere about disabling FX on muted tracks. If that set appropriately, then muting the FX track could save you some CPU. If the CPU usage is not an issue for one reason or another, then just don't send anything to that track.
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I would use the Shift/Click method. It gives you a visual (grayed out) AND has the added benefit of also disabling the PDC that plugin may imbue on the track. The other methods don't do this afaik, which is critical for recording in real time.

However, if you have to do this for say 50 plugins, that would suck....i don't have a work around for that.
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If you are talking about using sends to the "FX Tracks"...that is sends from other tracks .... then it is easy.... just set all the sends in your template to 0... [all the way to the left] and bring them in as desired later

IF you are talking about FX directly on the tracks, like say gtr or vocal tracks, then just disable them before you save the template...
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