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Default Set project tempo from selection moves selection, adds a measure

Expected results: I should be able to match the click to the tempo of the piece
Actual results: The selection changes to a single bar of the original project, not to what I selected. A bar is added. The tempo does not match the source.

1) Load an audio file, one where the tempo is not clear at the outset.
2) Under File/Project settings, make sure the 'Timebase for events...' is set to 'Time'.
3) Mark the beginning and end of a region where the tempo is obvious, and double click above to make a selection. It's two bars long.
4) Loop the section to make sure it's solid, and it is.
5) Right-click the selected area and select Set project tempo from time selection...

What happens at this point is this:
The selection area moves over to wherever the current barline setup is, encompassing two bars, but not the area that was selected.
The history shows that I performed an "Add measure from time selection" which, of course, I did not.

The history reads like this:
Added marker
Added marker
Time selection change
Set track free item positioning
Add measure from time selection

After the time selection change, I simply right-clicked and set project tempo...

The project tempo, of course, does not at all match the selected area.

Reaper 6.56/win64
OS: Windows 10 Pro - build 19044.1645

I hope this helps to understand what is happening.
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