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Default Question about expression and breath


So I'm trying to create a jazz lick in Session Horns, and I know that I can make it sound more natural with breath and expression. I haven't really worked with this before, but that I know that I should use a pedal for this. At the moment I don't own one, but I would still like to edit these two things by mouse.

Thing is, I can see them in piano roll, in the dropdown menu where there's also the velocity, but when I am editing those parameters nothing seems to happen. Do you happen to know why or if I can edit breath and expression without a pedal?

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A pedal is certainly not a requirement, so of course you can edit them in the piano roll.
What have you assigned them to in the instrument?
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I do have a BBCv2 breath controller, which I use very successfully with solo sounds. I tried it with the session horns and found it rather unusable, as when you press a key and don't blow, a sound is created nonetheless. You only can add more expression to it by blowing.

But the decent way to use a breath or wind controller is to first set the note(s) and then trigger the sound by bowing either softly starting or explosively to achieve the appropriate articulation.

OTOH, the session horns work rather nicely by using the keyboard velocity.

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I have Session Horns (not Pro) and use CC11 for this. In order to get it to work you have to set the dynamic control to respond to CC#11 instead of Velocity. For example, load up the Session Horns-Performance and click Control at the bottom of the panel and change Dynamic Control from Velocity to Expression CC#11. Hope that helps.
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