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Default 3 new songs - made in Reaper

I've been using Reaper for over a year now - so getting very comfortable with it.

I've got some new songs out. These 3 songs are part of a collection of three songs - called "3 Piece Suite".

It consists of:

1 "Tubes"

2 "Your Mileage May Vary"

3 "Perchance to Dream"

They're meant to be played together (with no pause in between) but I know most people like to stream/play individual songs these days. I have uploaded the entire "Three Piece Suite" if you want to hear the whole thing together and have a spare 16 minutes ;-)

"Three Piece Suite"

I got some of the ideas for these in the middle of the night, so they kind of slip between dreaming and being awake.
They're not for everybody's taste - but maybe somebody will like them ;-)

Feel free to let me know what you think.

They feature the usual characters:
Superior 3 drums
lots of Kontakt stuff
plus my real guitars through S-Gear or Mercuriall amp sims and Torpedo WOS speaker sims.
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