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Default Got my BCF 2000 and could use a little help!

Initially set it up in Mackie mode Emulation and chose the U-2(using only USB).
I installed every driver I could find,Set the control surface to Mackie,did my ins/outs on midi in control surface window,double checked in midi set up that I did not choose the BCF.
So far so good,
I was able to control,
Track selection
Play button
Push play again for pause
And rewind.
Problem is the foot switch does not put armed track into REC mode.
I am using a Tascam footswitch with the ¼ inch jack on the end(do you need a special pedal for this?)

More questions:
I switched back to pre-set mode(BCF mode,pwr up holding BC button)
And tried the learn function and had no luck on any Reaper parameter.
Hold learn key
move(for example)Fader #1
Now before I can lift my hand to move fader on Reaper the BCF display say’s “Good”
I did not do anything yet!
I was going to try and set-up my own pre-set for Reaper step by step(including putting ARMed track into REC mode)but I can’t get by step one.
Any ideals?
I have search about twenty of our threads pertaining to the BCF and they came close to explaining but usually end there(due to user giving up?or having the solution?)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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