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Default "Hidden" velocity levels in MIDI track.

In this drum track I created in Guitar Pro, there was a crash cymbal choke I simulate using the Mix Table, which basically decreases the volume of a track over a selected amount of beats. It's a workaround because Guitar Pro doesn't have a cymbal choke sound.

The track was imported into Reaper (GP track was deleted). When I see the drum track in the track section, I see what I assume is velocity or volume automation on the bottom. Instead of using this GP workaround, I want to use the Steven Slate choke instead. I tried deleting the hit and re-inserting it in, but the original volume automation is still there. How do I get rid of the volume automation? I can't figure where to access it. Thanx.

EDIT: Think I found it. Stumbled onto Volume MSB.
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not familiar with the GP suff but a quick hack would be to split the midi item just before and after that point, insert a new midi item there and insert your choke hit (and anything else that was removed from the split) in the new item.
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There's another way of simulating choking of a cymbal in GP.

Make your crashed note (49, 52, 55, 57) normal dynamic (f, ff, fff, depending on your need), then right after it, put the same note with ppp dynamics. It will sound just fine, if "reverberated" a bit It will also be easier to spot in Reaper's piano roll, you won't have to deal with volume CC, and you'll transfer it easier to the choke notes that are usually used by drum samplers (some use channel aftertouch for chokes, as well).

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I assume the problem was that there was midi CC data on the track that you couldn't see. For future reference, the Event List view will show you every midi event on the track, so you can find hidden CCs like this.
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