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Default "Airwindows" plug ins Mac Reaper?

have any Mac Reaper users tried "Airwindows" plug ins with any success?
I DL'd a free Acoustic Bass plugin. It is a simple limited UI plugin
It shows up in the list, I can assign it to a track, but no MIDI note recorded on any MIDI channel plays it. Anyone with any experience with this plugin got a suggestion, and or is it something dumb I might be doing with output assignment?
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I have tried several of the effects plugins in AU format. The loaded and showed in my FX menu as expected. I've had no problems loading or using these plugins.

The simple interface is different than the vintagey GUI that we've come to expect from other plugin companies, but this is due to the focus on the ~sound~. I like the effects that I've heard.

I have not tried the Bass plugin that you're speaking of.
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