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Default Synth Editor with WDL-OL?


I installed WDL-OL, got the examples running, went through the tutorials I found, and got some first simple apps of my own running. Great work!
But one question remains: can I use WDL-OL to build a VST/AU/Standalone editor for external hardware synths?
I can make a few knobs, and handle incoming midi on all platforms, but outgoing midi only works on standalone. On standalone apps, WDL gives you a nice Preferences Dialog to select where your Midi Output goes. But where goes the midi Output on AU/VST apps?

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Marcel // Modor Music
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yes you can do this. when running as a plug-in the midi output can be routed by the host, in most cases. for certain DAWs such as ableton live plug-ins can't send SYSEX. in VirtualCZ I had to include a direct midi output, in a similar way as what's done in the stand-alone app wrapper, using RTMidi

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I also am wanting to communicate with midi hardware through a port opened within an Iplug.

I'm getting the number and names of available ports but it seems error assertions (exception?) are not triggered for example
try { midiout->openPort(itemChosen); }
catch (RtMidiError &error) {
   DBGMSG("RtMidiError:%s", error.what());
never triggers an error even when itemChosen is set beyond the number of available midi ports.
So without errors being triggered it is hard for me to work out why bytes aren't being sent by sendMessage.
If there were examples of using RtMidi from within Iplug that would be really helpful.

Last edited by Guod3; 12-09-2017 at 04:00 PM. Reason: try, catch is about exceptions not assertions?
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