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Default Nothing else but performance considered for my work flow: Xps 15 vs Macbook 16" i9.

I've been a PC elitist forever, and I would end up writing an essay to explain why I'm considering switching to a Macbook at this point. The main fear I have is simply not knowing how well it will perform on MacOS compared to Windows 10. I don't have enough objective experience with MacOS to know how the software I use plays with it. I don't care that one is more expensive, either one is an investment and I just want to purchase a machine with peace of mind for at least 5 years. Absolutely need a laptop because I am simply not home enough.

This is what I do 90% of the time on a computer:

1. Reaper A: Vsti based sessions with many Kontakt instances and some synth vsti's.

2. Reaper B: Basic guitar and vocal recording with my Babyface Pro.

3. Lightroom & Photoshop.

These are the two laptops I'm choosing between.

1. XPS 15", i7-9750H, 32gb ram.

2. Macbook 16", i9-9880HK, 32gb ram.

The reason I'm not comparing the XPS i9 is because I am not confident it handles the thermals as well as the recently updated Macbook Pro.

So assuming you were given either of these laptops ONLY for free, which one would you pick? Just want to know which one will perform better with their respective specs and operating systems.

Thank you so much for anyone who reads this.
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I switched from Mac to PC for various reasons but Reaper just runs better on PC for me wich is the principle reason why I switched. Win7 I prefer over 10.
No spinning beach ball.
Also some scripts or themes worked better for me on PC and I prefer to be able to tweak deeper under the hood.

One advantage I found of Mac was less viruses, I did'nt need to reinstall and backup as often but I prefer speed everyday with 1 or 2 extra installation over the years. It can be avoided by keeping the computer off internet also.
I did a lot of experimentation, freebies, freewares so I did'nt help overtime.

Plus I have double the power for half the money.

Linux is another option but that's another story...
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If you really are mostly interested in performance, a "standard" laptop is a bad idea, as laptops are designed more with battery live in mind than with performance in mind.

You'd better go for a desktop box or choose a "gaming" laptop.

No ideas regarding Macs, but obviously the price / performance ratio is rather bad with those.


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Absolutely with you on desktops Micheal, but he already said he was obliged to use a desktop.

I have a Mac Mini server from 2011 which is way better in terms of spec per dollar & build quality thAN THE CURRENT MACS, PLUS IT IS SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN A REGULAR LAPTOP BAG. but. EVEN WHT A QUAD CORE I7 IT DOESNT RUN REAPER NEARLY AS WELL AS ON MY DESKTOP wIN10 I7 SYSTEM. Blast! Sorry about capslock
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See this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpVNkglXc84

Also, i've read that usb rme interfaces don't work with newer macs (dongle only).

I tend to favor windows laptops due to upgradeability - xps can take future memory and ssd upgrades. Also more of the scripts and plugins are windows only rather than osx only.

But ofc, you can always use bootcamp for that (as there's also osx option for xps - called hackintosh - see tony mac x86 forum)

As for the i9, many reviewers got more performance from i7 due to overheating and throttling of the i9s.

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