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Default JSFX mouse_cap bug

It seems that if using a key modifier with mouse_cap, the value of mouse_cap will not change unless a mouse button has been clicked first.

The example for this is that I am hovering the mouse over a control and using the mouse wheel to change a value. I'm using the ctrl key to toggle fine vs coarse control. Unless I click somewhere first, the ctrl key is not recongised i.e. the value of mouse_cap remains at 0.

If this is not a bug, is there a way to force the ctrl key to be recongised without having to click a mouse button first?
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Yeah, I noticed this too, but haven't found a way to do so.
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I have the same issue in scripts, not jsfx only.
I must first click anywhere on the script to make the focus active on the script(there is no visual indication of where the focus is on docked scripts) and then CTRL mouse wheel works.
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I confirm this too.
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Until today the bug is still here...
Modifier keys only work with left or right click...
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