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Default UA Arrow and Reaper HELP!

Hey all

So I know Reaper is not one of the tested DAWs by Universal Audio, but I've read here that many people use their interfaces successfully. I just bought an Arrow Thunderbolt 3 interface and I'm running into this issue:

UA Console works great, so no issues. However, when I set it up to record into Reaper, all of my recorded audio plays back distorted and wobbly, like a bad cassette tape. This also happens if I enable monitoring, but I know you are supposed to have that disabled, since the UA console does the monitoring. Just wanted to add that to give you an idea of where the problem may be stemming from. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Edit: So I think I may have solved this issue, sort of. I recorded a few bars of guitar and looped it, so I could keep it playing back while I fiddled around with settings. In the Arrow console settings, I tried different sample rates and when I got to 88.2 or 96khz, the playback/monitoring issue went away. I'm not sure why this fixed the issue, nor did I want to have to change the rate, but whatever...it's working and sounds fine when I track or play back audio.

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