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Originally Posted by airon View Post
Yeah and it takes the best to do this well. The Cockos crew may be a lot, but why should they spend months, and that's what it would take, to design anything remotely capable of detecting clicks reliably, which come in many shapes and forms as well. I don't see that coming.

It's not simple at all. It requires a lot of research, and the coders have other things on their mind than to take time off from developing Reaper for months or even years to perhaps eventually match commercially available declicking solutions. It sure wouldn't come in a $50 package then.

If it they do somehow get great ideas, that's nice but don't count on it.

Should you require an automatic solution, buy a declicker. It's the quickest solution if you cannot spend the time drawing them out, though it isn't perfect by any means.
I have to agree with airon, having a declicker, etc. would be a great feature to have, but I would prefer if Cockos continue to refine and fix issues with REAPER.

If you need a declicker, why don't you spend a few bucks and get that feature in WavePad. It works rather nicely. However, in my experience when I have transfered vinyl to WAV or MP3 was I in need for a declicker and WavePad does the trick. Most other recorded media may have minor glitches, clicks, pops, etc. So the importance of a declicker, deglitcher, de etc. is low priority IMO. = my $.02

I see REAPER top heavy as a DAW rather than an editing tool.
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ive used declik software in the past.
i was just trying to think of ways to help the audio scrubber blokes thats all.
i personally like to go into the trak n do clean ups useing the mouse. but i see your point bout concentrating on other aspects.
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