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Default "recording"? I want to use samples

I am brand new to synthesizers or programs such as reaper. I am used to music notation software.

I found some 'recordings' produced by Reaper where people used samples. Now I've followed a few tutorials on Reaper and I got confused when they simply said "press record and record something!" But I don't want to record- I want to use sound samples to make the music. What I need to make is a song that uses Chinese drums (I found a .dll that has samples of chinese instruments that I wish to use). But how do I load them up and arrange them in the piece?

Would anyone mind giving me a step-by-step process of at least adding one sound from the sample file onto a track? MAybe I can figure the rest out from there.. Or is there a relevant tutorial for this?
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Art Evans
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You can use "insert > media file" if the audio is in a supported format. If it's something to do with a virtual instrument (VSTi) then you'll need to check out references to that in the manual. What is this "dll" exactly?
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Hey Derek welcome to the forums.
Since you mention a dll then you may have a VSTi (virtual instrument) which can be played like a synth, but with sampled sounds instead of synthesized. By pressing the effect button on a track, you can select an instrument just as you would an echo or reverb. This method requires that you use a MIDI keyboard to trigger the notes you wish to play.

Art is assuming you want to arrange sampled sounds such as wav or mp3 files.
Those are 2 basic ways of triggering sampled sounds.

Hope that gets you started.
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I think I found it here:

As it didn't work, I'm still in need of some Asian drums to compose a song similar to the fight music heard in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, if you've seen that.

I thought the .dll file I downloaded was for "samples" used in Reaper. But what format should sample files be in?

Thanks again
Edit: Thanks martygas.. I do have a keyboard but I lack the cables that connect it to my laptop. Is there any way to substitute the laptop keyboard in its place?

So you're saying I take an audio file and just rearrange it? I'd assume I'd be copying and pasting the sounds, right? Isn't that a more difficult way of doing it?

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