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Default (FYI) buying RAM from ebay - beware of high/low density

Maybe this is a well known fact for others, but I was unaware of this until I recently stumbled over it, so I thought it might be worth posting.

Long story short:

I have a older mainboard (Asus A8V deluxe) which needs PC3200 RAM.

Hopping through ebay, I found some quite cheap 1 GB sticks (seemingly meeting the required specs)


When the RAM arrived I noticed it wasn't working at all and wondered why.
Starting a thread over at techsupportforum (nice forum for computer tech stuff, btw) they pointed me to the high/low density thing which I hadn't heard of before.


I indeed got sold high density RAM without explicitly saying so on the sellers page (yeah, there's a cryptic hint which I now understand).
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Yeah, that's true of RAM no matter where you buy it though. It depends on the motherboard chipset as to what kind of RAM to use -- there is a LOT more to RAM being compatible with a PC than just clock speed/rating.

The best thing to do is to find out what motherboard you have in your computer, and see if you can find any compatibility issues via Google between the mobo and the memory.
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exact same thing happened to me
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