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Default Add ppq pos in events window

Can we get a column for the ppq of events in the events list? There is lots of space and it comes in handy in some cases(specially api/scripts due to the weird usage). The ppq needs to be specified if it is from the start of the item vs start of project(or both, rel + abs).

Similarly the time(which also needs to be stated what it is) can be relative + absolute too. (300 seconds from start of project 2 seconds from start of item, etc)

Also, can we at least get the option to start the indexing off at 0. When using the reaper api functions they start at 0 and I've spend the last 30 mins checking my code because my indexing seemed to be off by 1. I knew there was an offset difference but it just didn't register at the time because I assume what I see is what I get. (I've ran in to this before so it might save some others some trouble)

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