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Default MIDI editor position: once for all how?

I know there has been some update to how the MIDI editor window position is stored/opened and it appeared to work as desired initially.

But I guess some days ago I moved the MIDI editor once to another screen and Reaper remembered that and now it opens always on that wrong screen and I can't get it back to where it was. I tried resaving a screenset and resaving a project template with the MIDI editor in the right place but as soon as I open a new project it again opens at the wrong place.

So is it now possible to somehow set permanently where the MIDI editor opens? Can I somehow save it's position in my default template, so independently of where I move it in another project, in every new project it is back where it should be? Or can I save it in a screenset which I can use to reset its position? If not, how can I get it back to where it was before (I promise, I'll never again move it)? And is there any predictable rule that determines where the MIDI editor opens so that in future I know what to avoid and how to fix the problem?

I use one MIDI editor per project and I'm on macOS.
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Hi !

I don't have a second screen, so i never saved a screenset with the editor an a second screen.

But if you've lost your editor window, you can open the reaper.ini with notepad and edit these lines:


Then open Reaper again and set your desired position and size.
Then save a screenset.

Then in the actions list search for 'Set global startup action' or 'Set project startup action'.

Run one of these actions and choose as a startup action : 'Screenset: Load window set #01' (or whatever...)

You have to save your project after that if you've chosen 'Set project startup action'.

Works here, maybe it works for you, too ?

Oh, and you can also create a global lua/eel startup script, too.
This should be named like this: __startup.lua and should be placed into the 'Scripts' folder.
Add some actions to the script that should run at 'startup'.

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You could try to open reaper, recall the correct screen set and then set this empty project to open at reaper startup.

If that fails, do what I do, start reaper with your normal Autoload project, then hit my main sceenset key..my case F8. Do your thing:-)
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Thanks for answering but I have done all of this already. My Reaper always opens with a custom action as startup action that among other things recalls my default screenset. Also I have set a default project template which Reaper opens on startup and I had saved this with the MIDI editor at the correct position.

Still it doesn't work reliably. Looks like Reaper doesn't save the MIDI editor position to a screenset. And not sure why it doesn't remember the position when I save a default project with the MIDI editor at the right position.

I do have a theory though: The MIDI editor can't be opened without a MIDI item. I used a MIDI item to open it and position it and then I deleted the MIDI item before saving as I want to have an empty default project. Maybe the MIDI editor requires an existing MIDI item to save its state into the project? Also I save my default screenset with the MIDI editor closed (after positioning it), as I want it closed by default and just open in the right place when I double click a MIDI item, so maybe that could also be a problem.

Anyway, since a few days it has learnt the correct position again and I am not touching it anymore if not for a very good reason.
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