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Default pops after split and stretch

If I split a an audio item at a zero crossing, and play it back there's no pop.
However if I stretch one of the resulting items, it pops at the split point.

to reproduce:
select an audio item
double click item>media item properties>choose no auto fades.
zoom in to see samples
type z for next zero crossing
split the audio item at the zero crossing into item A and item B.
alt drag the left end of item A to stretch it a little.

Now I get a pop when playing through the split. Yet when I zoom into the split, it's still shows a smooth connection at the zero point between the end of item A and the beginning of item B.

Please let me know if this is a bug, expected behavior, etc.?
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Human being with feelings
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Default same problem

I have the same issue, and can't figure out why. I tried inserting a crossfade at the popping point, but couldn't figure out how... not really a fix anyway. Maybe someone out there can help!
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I usually add a 5-10ms fade-in and fade-out to all items to prevent this. There's a setting to have Reaper do this automatically as well, but I always end up mass-selecting every waveform and manually setting+adjusting the fade times while listening to the final piece that I intend to render.
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