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Default Muted with enabled VSTi, Unmuted with disabled VSTi

I have experienced some odd behaviour when using Kontakt 5 free VSTi plugin. Although I haven't experienced this yet with other plugins, the faulty behaviour is Reaper's.

00:13: the soloed track's FX is disabled -> There should be no sound.
00:41: adding active VSTi mutes the sound
00:49: disabling VSTi enables sound
01:10: the VSTi played is not the one chosen in Kontakt 5, changig it does not have any effect

The video is about Reaper v6.33, but the begaviour was the same in v5.981.
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Your video shows that there is audio before you even added Kontakt?

Might help if we could also hear what's happening or see your midi routing for the track.

Re Kontakt not playing when you change or add instruments that's probably because you're sending to a different midi channel than you added the instruments on. Did you record the midi?
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