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Default Particular midi cc changes within Reaper

Hey guys.
So I am having a bit of trouble understanding cc changes within reaper to external devices.
I have worked out how to change presets within a session to my voivelive 2 unit using the method in this video:


But what I can't seem to work out is sending cc messages to the voicelive to engage the harmony on and off.
The CC# for the harmony being turned on and off is 110. 0-63 being off and 64-127 being on.
My question is how do I make this work using a similar method to what is in the video?
I'm pretty useless at midi. And I'm sure it's something ridiculously obvious that I'm missing.
The setup i actually have is I'm playing guitar thru a strymon big sky, and singing thru a voicelive 3. And my wife is singing thru a voicelive 2.
I have set 3 separate midi tracks up with a midi item spanning the length of the song. The strymon set to midi channel 1, VL3 to channel 2, and VL2 to channel 3. Have managed to get all these changing presets the way I want it in each reaper session. Just need help getting these CC# changes happening.
Any help would be truly appreciated. Have a gig in 2 days and would love to get this to work.
Thanks guys ��

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So I did manage to get this to work by adding the 110 section (like the bank/program select) having it above the bank/program select section (and below the piano roll). And adding in the velocities where I want it to jump the harmony in and out. But the problem is that It is also changing the harmony in and out on my voicelive 3. I'm only adding these velocity changes in the midi track that I have assigned to the VL2. But it's punching the harmony in and out at the same time on my VL3.
I have an instance of ReaControlMidi on each of the 3 midi tracks. And when i put a punch in point for a preset chamge on each track, I can choose the midi channel amd the preset in the box that comes up. So guessing that's why I have independent control over the 3 units as each one is set to channels 1 2 or 3. But can CC# be controlled this way?? Or is it global? If I change one CC# it will send the same signal on all channels and can't be independent to each midi channel??
Hope I'm making sense ��

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I think you need to set each hardware device to its own midi channel.
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