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Default ReaSamplOmatic5000 for video

I want to take a sample, load it into ReaSamplOmatic5000 and set the mode to 'Note (Semitone shifted)' so I can play the sample like a melodic instrument through MIDI input. That works totally fine in Reaper, except I also want video output every time the sample plays. ReaSamplOmatic5000 doesn't seem to do that.

What workflow do you recommend to achieve this?
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I don't think its possible to trigger video like samples. But its easy to achieve by aligning video snippets to the midi notes of your RSO5000 track. I recommend using inline midi and colored notes so that you know which note triggers which video clip (if different files per note). Just zoom in and align the clips to the midi notes below. Maybe group them, if the midi item repeats, so that you can copy it quickly. Should work.

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