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Steve Fishboy
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Default Make selections in Region/Marker Manager follow playback/recording and be persistent

This is four related requests in one, all having to do with the Region/Marker Manager.

(FR 1)

Currently, if you select an item in the Region/Marker Manager, this selection disappears and the region/marker list resets to the beginning of the list if you (1a) change to a screen set without the Region/Marker Manager and then go back, (1b) if you switch to another project and return, (1c) if you close the Region/Marker Manager and then open it again, etc.

In a project with many regions and/or markers, this is extremely inconvenient, causes no small amount of wasted time, and can even induce errors by forcing you to reselect the region or marker you want to work on, which you may not always do accurately.

FR: Make the region/marker selection persist unless the user (i) actively selects a different one in the manager, or (ii) playback, recording or user action moves the cursor to a different region or marker area (see below).

(FR 2)

Currently, the Region/Marker Manager is "dumb". Making a selection in it makes the project jump to the appropriate region or marker, but then this region or marker stays selected no matter where in the project playback, recording or user mouse or keyboard action takes you.

This makes the Region/Marker Manager far less useful than it could be. It could (but currently doesn't) (i) present the current region or marker in a far larger and more legible font than the marker bar does, using non-moving text, which makes it WAY easier to read, and (ii) allow users to easily follow progress of playing or recording in a project.

FR: Make the Region/Marker Manager automatically select the region or first marker to the left of the cursor when this changes, be it due to recording, playback, or keyboard/mouse action

(FR 3)

Currently, selecting a marker in the TCP or MIDI editor does not select the entry for this marker in the Region/Marker Manager. (I don't recall if the same is true of Regions).

This is surprising behavior, and makes markers (and regions?) less useful, as you still have to manually search for them in the Region/Marker Manager, even if you see them or click on them in the TCP/MIDI editor. This deprives users of the great overview of projects that the Manager provides, prevents them from easily jumping to neighboring markers, etc.

FR: Make selecting a marker (and region, if applicable) in the TCP or MIDI editor cause its entry in the Region/Marker Manager be automatically selected.

(FR 4)

Currently, if you use the filtering option in the Region/Marker Manager to find and select a region or marker, this selection is lost and the Region/Marker Manager jumps back to the top as soon as you remove the filtering term.

This causes serious inconvenience. For example, I am scoring a film and have markers for Scenes and Cues. When I use the Region/Marker Manager filter to show all cues, or to search for a word I know is in the marker name I need, and then click on the relevant marker, all is good -- I'm taken to that cue in the TCP, MIDI editor, etc. But I need to know what scene this cue is in, so I remove the filtering term and... my cue is no longer selected and the Region/Marker Manager list has jumped maybe 150 entries upward to the beginning of the film. So I now have no idea where the cue is nor what scenes are around it in the Region/Marker Manager.

FR: Fix the Region/Marker Manager so that selected items stay selected regardless of what you do in the filter box.

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