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Default Question About FX & FX Chain Oversampling

I always work at 96k. Recently I've been experimenting with oversampling FX and FX Chains with Reaper's built in OS, rather than using the plugins' individual OS (if they have it).

The anomaly is, I'm presented with the option of, "Oversample up to 88.2k/96k", even though I'm already working at 96k. Does this mean the effect will be the same as when I select "No oversampling"? Or does it actually mean oversample x2 the current sample rate? In which case, the labelling of the options is not accurate, and I feel it would make more sense for the options to be "OS x2 current sample rate", x3, x4 etc., instead of using actual kHz figures.

Am confused, please enlighten!

Latest Reaper release on Windows 11.
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