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Default External Synth and MIDI Setup for Reaper 6

Hi friends. I'm having some trouble setting up my external synth keyboard with Reaper. My goal is to be able to use my external synth keyboard to record midi information on one track while monitoring on a second track with sound produced by the synth. Then I would like to record the audio produced by the synth from the MIDI information previously recorded. Sometimes it will work but not perfectly and other times it won't work at all. Here's what I have going on:
-External synth with local off, set to ch. 1, and external clock.
-Proper USB MIDI cable setup ("out" to "in"/"in" to "out")
-USB to computer
-Instrument cables out of synth left and right to audio interface 4 and 5
-Audio interface into computer via thunderbolt
-In Reaper 'preferences' are set to "enabled" for input and output under 'MIDI Devices' (not sure if I should select "send clock" on output. I've tried it both ways and can't tell a difference.)
-Two tracks in Reaper: MIDI and Synth
-MIDI track set with 'input: MIDI from USB MIDI interface', 'all channels'
-MIDI track routing selected under 'MIDI hardware output': 'USB MIDI interface', 'channel 1'
-Synth track set with 'input: stereo 4 and 5'
-Synth track is currently "Record: disable (input monitoring only)
Today I am receiving levels on the MIDI track but not the synth track. Same setup as last night when I was seeing levels on both. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
Also it should be noted that I have watched the Reaper Mania video with Kenny Gioia that covers this topic. No luck.
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Even in record:disabled mode you need to have the track armed for monitoring to work. Seems ok otherwise but I wouldn't send clock. Feedback routing can disable sound on a track with no warning. Turn on feedback routing in project settings/advanced to check if that's an issue.
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