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Default reasurround changes messing up scripts?

been testing the linux version of reaper and found some of my scripts are no longer working. not sure when it started but it's a problem on 5.96 in linux and i checked it on 5.70 in windows and found the same issue.

i have about a bazillion generic scripts that i use in combinations to make custom actions and toolbar buttons for them so that i can position items to specific places in the surround field. in order to do that i use a lot of scripts based on work spk77 and xraym helped me with. in order to work, the scripts select envelopes based on their name. below is the code that lists how the names are listed and have always been able to be selected.
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "in 1 X")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "in 1 Y")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "in 2 X")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "in 2 Y")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "front l  gain")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "front r  gain")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "front c  gain")
select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "LFE  gain")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "side le  gain")
--select_FX_envelope("ReaSurround", "side ri  gain")
the input envelope names still seem to be working but the gain envelope names seem to be where things are failing. have these names changed? can they be changed back to what they were? it's going to be a humongous task to chase down everyplace these names are used in my scripts and to change them to whatever the new names are. or is something else going on?

thanks for any input,
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yup. envelope names were changed.
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