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Default First ARA2 experiment - not so sweet...

Hello all,

I'm finally having the time to start the new ARA2 (WIP I know) integration and it's instant showstopper: I'm adding Melodyne Studio VST3 to a vocal track in a project I'm working on (well, a copy of it).

I duplicate the vocal track, delete all plugins on it (just ReaTune and Melda MAutoPitch) and add Melodyne VST3.

As soon as I add it, REAPER hangs and I have to terminate it.
If I add Melodyne, in the same project, to a new empty track the issue does not show.
The track only has some audio items.

Have I found a corner case or is this happening to other users?
32 bit 5.961-dev1027 REAPER, latest official Melodyne on Windows 10 April 2018 update.

EDIT: I raised audio buffer to 256 to 1024 samples (minimum recommended by Celemony, I don't know if ARA2 still requires this) and I can now see that the Melodyne loader (the "pie") hangs on the first slice...

My DAW: Intel i7700k @4.2GHz / 16GB RAM / RME Fireface UC / 250GB SSD / 2x2TB HD / Win10x64
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