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Default JS Effect: Sample-Accurate MIDI CC Fader

For my own purposes, I made a JS plugin a while ago that has a fader that can be automated sample-accurately to output user-defined CC information.

I figured I would post it here if anyone has use for it. It essentially allows you to program CC data with Reaper's automation interface, instead of messing with MIDI bars in items.


- CC Number: Determines which CC number will be output.
- CC Output: This is the fader that you automate.
- Maximum CC Hz: This controls how fast CC data can be transmitted. Higher values = more CC data for quick changes.

I suppose it could have a control to select the output MIDI channel, but since I made it for myself I didn't add it in. Maybe I will at some point.

I put it on the stash: https://stash.reaper.fm/29900/MIDIFader.jsfx
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Great ! Good work ! Merci !
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