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Human being with feelings
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Default Total n00b: Trying to record with AXE FX but there's no signal

Hi all,

I feel like such a noob. But having resorterd to all my known sources and having reached a level of frustration previously unknown to me I must resort to making a new thread.

The problem: for some reason I no longer get a guitar signal from my Axe FX. I use my old MacBook and up until today everything worked just fine. The Axe FX communicated great with my Reaper DAW and no problems whatsoever.

My band decided that we would try and track our new recording in our own space instead of booking a studio. They appointed me as the de facto engineer because, well, I'm the only one with any experience with recording, DAW's and stuff... That was probably the first mistake they made...

To record in the rehearsal space I always connect to a Behringer X32 via USB an have the matrix set to accept all 32 tracks. I have a nagging feeling that that might be the source of my problems.

I haven't connected Reaper with the Axe FX in a month or so though whilst recording in our rehearsal space. On the way home I had a few great ideas pop into my head.. And now that I want to record those as an overdub I can't...

I ramble.

I've tried every solution I can find... Creating an agregate device on the Mac etc...
Right now my settings are as follows
- In Reaper the Axe is set as the default audio device
- same in the audio midi setup on the Mac
- I have a track armed and set to the front left mono input
- USB digi out source in the Axe's I/O is set to output 1

These settings have always allowed me to create new guitar/bass tracks. Now reaper doesn't even show an incoming signal whatsoever...

Please help.
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Human being with feelings
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I found the problem: my mac updating to a new OS standard caused a change in my security settings which hampered with the communication between Reaper and the Axe FX. I was looking at this problem from the wrong angle.
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