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Default One drum track not playing back after recording

Hi guys, I just bought a novation launchkey 49 and I’m starting to learn how to build songs at home. I’ve recorded an intro to a song which included 2 drum tracks I made with MT Power Drums VST. One is bass drum and snare, one is a ride cymbal. It was all playing back nicely til I saved it and logged out of Reaper, when I reopened the project later, the drum track with just the ride cymbal sound on won’t play back. Any ideas as to why this is? And is there a way to gradually layer elements of a drum beat into one track by overdubbing so I don’t need a separate drum track for each component of the beat?
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Hi. I am not an expert on drum VSTs by any means but here's one idea. Firstly the not playing problem. I think you have to click on the "nag" screen of MT Power Drums to get it to sound unless you have donated. Is that the issue?

Secondly I am not sure why you have separate tracks for bass and snare and ride.
To overdub and layer elements on none track simply choose RECORD/Overdub rather than RECORD/Replace via the button just to the left of the Track monitoring control. You could even engage looping if it helps you get "in the groove".
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Make sure the monitor button on your track is enabled (the button that loops like a triangle,. Like a "play" button). Should be to the right of your fader in your mixer
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