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Default MIDI output device is not responding

I have this new bug:

Never happened to me before. Win10 x64 IntelCore 3.4 i7-3770 16 gig RAM.

It happened when:
-I saved the project after working on it for little while although automatic save is working.
-Rendering a stem.

Windows 10 did an automatic update this morning I suspect the problem started there.

I recently installed 5.28 version of Reaper also.

Internal midi in my case is Loopbe midi. I deactivated the thing but still its kinda looking for it.

When it happens Reaper hangs and I have to close it from the task manager. I need to restart the computer when it happens or Reaper just won't start again (after closing from task manager the first time the bug happened).

I am more and more tempted to go back to Win7 for many reasons. Not sure yet it's windows to blame.

Edit: I closed my Midi keyboard and the window disapeared !
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I just started getting this error message when I hooked up a dual monitor today... I have no midi open at all and unfortunately this time I have made some adjustments without saving.... Any fix for this yet?
Cheers, Jeff
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