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Default v3.68rc2 - September 11 2010 (awesome, my turn!)

v3.68rc2 - September 11 2010
+ Video: improved initial CPU/RAM use on load of projects with video items

v3.68rc1 - September 10 2010
+ Dynamic split: fixed forced reduction of splits during calculation
+ Media items: better rounding of timing of certain start offsets
+ Media items: fixed undo/redo of take deletion broken in 3.67
+ MIDI editor: tick accuracy improvements when pasting MIDI
+ MIDI editor: fixed scrub preview for CC messages on channels other than 1
+ MIDI editor: fixed checkmarks in customized menus
+ MIDI editor: respect preference to prevent single-click CC event selection when holding shift or control
+ MIDI editor: create undo point when changing CC lane (prevent undoing back to the previous lane)
+ Mute: fixed UI inconsistency when undo/redo on tracks with no items
+ Peaks: fixed zoomed in peaks display of waveforms with active MIDI take
+ Pencil mode: fixed flicker when starting to draw looped MIDI items
+ Project load: fixed loading of certain third party generated RPPs broken in 3.67
+ Project load/save: better default paths
+ Save as: in copy modes, if a full project path is set, clear it (as it will not be used in the new project)
+ Tooltips: added preference to show tooltips when hovering the mouse over an envelope
# MIDI editor: draw odd-length grid divisions at the end of a measure if needed
# MIDI items: fixed minor drawing oddness with loop notches at item start
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thanks devs,

will try it out.

+ Video: improved initial CPU/RAM use on load of projects with video items
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