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Default Region Manager Forcing Exported Tracks Mono

When using the add selected tracks to render list function in the Region/Marker Manager, the selected tracks added in the Region Render Matrix are all forced to be mono with a "1" instead of the filled in square if you manually click on a track and region box.

Steps To Repro:
1)Have tracks and regions in session.
2)Select tracks in the Main Edit window.
3)Open the Region/Marker Manager window and select regions you want.
4)Look under the Render Track List column, click, and select add selected tracks to render list.
5)Under the Region Render Matrix all added tracks and regions for export will have the "1" and be mono on export.

More info:

All tracks are 2 channel tracks(although one track has mono media on it).

If I use the same steps but in the Render Track List column I select the track manually from the list that is there at the bottom then the behavior is as expected with a filled in square.

Reaper 6.68. Windows 10 Pro.


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