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Default 80gray - Minimalist REAPER 7.0 theme | v1.0 [01/11/2024]

Hi all,

Since REAPER 7.0 got released with the new custom images feature, I've been working on a redesign of my old theme Quanta v0.1.

Like my previous theme, the goal of this theme is readability and compactness. The TCP layout is mostly the same as before, but other elements have been completely redesigned.

There are many inspirations for this theme, including Default 3.0, Paulie, and Hydra. In particular, the design is greatly inspired by the Spacegray theme for the Sublime Text editor with the Eighties color scheme, hence the name "80gray".


REAPER 7.0 is required for this theme, since this theme uses custom images extensively.

This theme uses the Inter font family. Please install the Inter fonts to ensure that the theme is displayed correctly.

  • TCP: Everything* fits within 2 rows of the TCP
    • * Everything except for the send list, FX parameters list, and FX embeds. Those are shown in the region below the 2 rows.
  • TCP: FX List width is adjustable with theme adjuster (can be disabled with option "Show FX inserts in TCP (when size permits)")
  • MCP: Compact MCP design, following the general philosophy of the TCP
  • Envelopes: Envelope colors are color coded to match what they represent, for example:
    • Volume envelope: Yellow (same as volume slider highlight color)
    • Pan envelope: Blue (same as pan slider highlight color)
    • Mute envelope: Red (same as mute button color)
    • etc...
    • (Due to REAPER limitations, the width envelope is yellow instead of purple, since width and volume share the same envelope color)

  • Hi-DPI support
  • Toolbar icons

More screenshots:

TCP and Arrange:

Single-row TCP:


Embedded FX and Sends:

Uncolored tracks:

MIDI Editor:

Theme adjuster:

This theme supports the theme adjuster, there are several parameters you can use to tweak some aspects of the theme:

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