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Default If PDC is turned on in CLAP, parameter automation is acquired late for PDC.

For example, when setting the PDC (Plug-in Delay Compensation) in CLAP to 1024, the automation values obtained through CLAP are delayed by 1024 samples compared to the actual signal. In plugins that require a PDC of 1024 samples for processing, any parameter changes typically affect the output signal 1024 samples later. Therefore, if the automation timing is shifted by the host, the processing time becomes insufficient.

In other words, when PDC is set to 1024, I would like to access the input signal 1024 samples earlier and retrieve values from parameters 1024 samples sooner. This is especially important for plugins that require a PDC of 1024 samples.

In REAPER's VST, there is a setting called "Plug-in delay compensation (PDC) (1024 spls)/Adjust automation" that is always enabled in CLAP. I would appreciate it if CLAP could add a similar setting to allow users to control this behavior. Additionally, I would like CLAP to have "Adjust automation" off by default. This is because I believe that aligning the timing of automation in plugins with PDC is the responsibility of the plugin, not the host.

What are your thoughts on this?

Windows 10 Home | REAPER v7.08/win64

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