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Default Set Metronome Pattern Default Behavior Change. Please consider!!!

Currently, when you set your Metronome to 4/4, ABBB, and then you have a 6/8 Bar ABBABB, and then it goes back to 4/4. The suggested metronome default is ABBA. It is basing its metronome default after what came before it, but that is NEVER helpful.

I'm scoring a 3 minute animation, with approximately 35 meter changes. For every single one of these, I need to

Click Set Metronome Pattern
Erase the Current Pattern
Input a pattern that makes sense

A better behavior would be for the metronome to call back the metronome pattern used previously, FOR THAT TIME SIGNATURE. So every 4/4 would have the same metronome pattern until you changed one. Every 6/8 would have the same metronome pattern, until you changed one.

It seems like a minor thing, but it's a constant annoyance, especially since I'll forget to adjust the metronome pattern, and then have to go in and fix it later if it's bothering me.

Please consider changing this. Thanks!
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