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Default IEM Granular Encoder adds 5.3MB per instance to project file size


I noticed my starting project and backup files have been huge lately, and I just narrowed it down to the IEM GranularEncoder.

Simply adding the VST to an empty project adds 5.3MB to my save file without any active buffering, if I add 2 it increases to 10.6MB, and so on. Changing the ambisonic order doesn't make a difference to the file save size.

What's happening here? And why is it larger than the file size or the actual program itself (4.3MB)?

The other programs in the IEM suite only take up a few KB each when added to my project.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: I would also be grateful if anyone could confirm this, and test it inside another DAW.

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At 96kHz each instance is taking ~8MB (8001kB) for me. My guess it the plug-in state save data includes the grain buffer. Because the plug-in does have a freeze option, and you'd likely want to be able to recall that frozen buffer after closing and reloading a project.
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Thanks, that likely explains it.

I had assumed it would take up no space (a few KB) while running in real time input mode. I haven't spent much time with the freeze function so I wasn't aware it saved the freezed audio buffer with the project - that's neat, most other VSTs I use with freezed audio buffers don't save with the project.

I'll have to take care to trim my backup folder when I use it in the future.
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Maintainer of the IEM plug-in suite here - that behaviour is indeed intended as feature, not a bug. If you freeze nice sounds, it would be shame if they are lost after reopening the project. However, we should indeed only store the buffer only if freeze mode is active
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