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Default Oversampling Real-time vs Render

I'm requesting that the oversampling feature add a real-time vs render option.

The benefit is that we can decide which level of oversampling we want for the render but use a lower level, or none at all, for real-time work which manages CPU load.

My reason for asking is because I want to minimize aliasing which can affect the sound of a processor but the increase in CPU from 0x to 16x can be dramatic. Also, trying to remember and reselect every desired plugin is not an economical process.

The implementation can occur either in the FX '+' menu and/or the Project Bay. Today I found that the latter shows whether an FX is oversampled in the Performance column. This is fantastic so all we would need is another Render Oversampling column with dropdowns for oversampling level. If this is not desirable, since there are no dropdowns in these lists now, another option is to put it in the context menu when right-clicking on an entry in the Performance column. In fact, the ability to change an FX's oversampling level from here makes sense given that the data is shown. Another example from a third party is how Meldaproduction implements their oversampling. A final alternative could be a 'Set oversampling level for selected FX' entry in the Project Bay Options menu. This could be paired with 'Set oversampling level for selected FX on render'. To me, this seems to be the most 'reapery' way to do it Multiselect is already possible so this seems like the most elegant solution for managing project oversampling. [In fact, the feature request from user Kawin (no relation to me, just another OS-related request) at t=287792 about oversampling default levels on FX could also be implemented like this.]

If this was already submitted as a request, I searched and unbelievably did not find anything, then it's my oversight.

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