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Default Overwrite Files in Use

I would like to overwrite a file (via rendering) that is being referenced by my reaper session - but Reaper throws an error and doesn't render;

But, is this actually possible in Reaper somehow?

IE. Render a region to file with option: "Add rendered items to new tracks in project" -> add a fade to the end of the rendered/imported file region -> Make changes to audio in the source region; Render again; Render to File > Render Warning "Overwrite" > ERROR: The target drive/path does not exist, is unavailable, or is in use.

This workflow is very desirable in sample / SFX creation.

I'm aware of the work around using sub projects; I'd love to do this w/o sub projects.

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Philbo King
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I believe this is a windows thing. It won't allow a file to be changed (over-written) when it is open in a program. I just delete the track with the earlier render, then it works fine.
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It's up to reaper FYI. The closet you can get is the setting that releases the exclusive lock when reaper looses focus (like using an external editor) but since this is reaper, not sure it is possible.
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I use "Open Items in Primary External Editor" on a daily basis, round-tripping to/from RX, destructively cleaning files in RX and simply saving and coming back to Reaper. It's a great workflow.

I'd like to similarly destructively overwrite files within the Reaper environment - and strangely Reaper won't allow it.


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I can imagine how to do this mostly using existing scripting and actions, but am not code savvy enough to script it myself.

Basically, the steps would be:

- get the path and filename of the first selected item on selected track (source_file)
- set time selection to selected items
- glue items, including leading fade-in and trailing fade-out (glued_file)
- rename glued_file to source_file filename
- select all items in project using the source_file
- freeze selected items (source_file no longer being used in project, so not locked by the reaper.exe process)
- copy glued_file to source_file location (overwrite source)
- unfreeze and delete freeze files to recycle bin (thus restoring the source_file use to unfrozen items, which will now be the glued_file that was renamed and copied over the source file)
- replace glued_file in project with the overwritten source_file (renamed glued_file)
- delete renamed glued_file in project directory that is no longer being used

Hopefully I will get the time to make this work in script one of these days. Or maybe someone else will beat me to it (looking at you, @X-Raym or @cfillion ).
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You step 2 is a bit confusing, cause this will merge several items together, and so there will be no other file using that combination of items,

so I assume, you wanted to say "set time selection on the first selected items", and the whole process for each items, and what you do is Glueing items independently (there is already script for that and they don't use time selection for that.)

I have a pretty close premium script for destructive editing called,

Script: X-Raym_Render selected items as new take (preserving original source file name).lua

It could be moded for replacing Render selected items as new take by Glue items independently,


This kind of destructive workflow is maybe too... Destructive. I'm not extra cumfy with the idea of having scripts which doesn't allows undo, so I didn't share it publicly. Though it should be solid enough cause I didn't have bug report since a year on it.
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