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Default "Clean current project directory" issue

I have an issue trying to clean my project folder of unused media.
I managed to reproduce the issue:

1. let it be a project, with media files under ".\Audio".
2. Add a new Audio item (thus having two files in Audio folder - the wav and its reapeaks.
3. Glue the item, i.e. now I have a new copy (i.e. 4 files in Audio folder - two wav's and two reapeaks)
4. Make Undo (i.e. back to the pre-glue version).
5. Go to Project Bay and remove the newer unused version.

Now use menu File>"Clean current project directory"
however the glue copy of the item is just not deleted from the Audio folder.

BTW, Saving the project, or closing it and re-open doesn't help.

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