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Default 32 bit VST's performance?

Hi there.
Here's a question: When I am using a 32 bit VST on a 64 bit Reaper, this whole bridging thing happens that let's me do that. If I used a 64 bit version of that plugin, would I get any improvements in latency, CPU load or any of that? I get that the sound quality would be the same, but what about processing power? Or is there no difference?
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fwiw I went as near as dammit all 64bit in 64bit reaper about a year ago and have had zero issues ever since. Prior to that the odd 32bit (usually freebies) did tend to bit me occasionally, so I guess the gain here is likely to be reliability and consistency and any performance gain is a bonus. I run a lot of VSTi.
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Yes, I measured a CPU performance gain when using 64-bit plugins, 64-bit REAPER on 64-bit Windows compared to 32-bit plugins in 32-bit REAPER on 64-bit Windows. Depending on the plugin, it varied from neglible to meaningful.

Bridging will certainly use more CPU, no difference in sound quality.
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