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Default v5.978+dev0521a - May 21 2019

v5.978+dev0521a - May 21 2019
+ ReaScript: prevent possible use-after-free when running quit action from script [t=221191]
# MIDI editor: fix CC segment mouse modifier to draw/edit CC ignoring snap
# MIDI editor: fix inconsistent behavior of mouse modifier to move CC events respecting time selection
# ReaScript: fix calling extension-supplied functions with optional or output parameters

v5.978+dev0521 - May 21 2019
  • + API: support optional arguments in extension-supplied functions when called from ReaScript/Lua [t=219455]
  • + Configuration: store item and track-specific docker preferences with the project, not globally [p=2136380]
  • # MIDI editor: add MIDI CC segment context mouse modifiers to draw CC events [p=2136645]
  • # MIDI editor: add mouse modifier to move CC segment within time selection
  • # MIDI editor: draw active channel CC fill behind events on other channels
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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