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Default 2 x M Audio 2496

I read an interesting article in soundonsound entitled: Using Multiple Audio Interfaces Together.

I was interested to see this:

"I know musicians successfully running four M-Audio Delta 1010s under Windows XP, as well as mixtures of the smaller Delta interfaces such as the Delta 44/66 or Audiophiles. M-Audio's Internet Knowledge Base also includes full details on the various settings that are required."

I was wondering if the same applies to the M Audio 2496 ?

I already have an M Audio 2496. They come up on ebay pretty cheap. Using 2 of these would be a good way of achieving 8 channel recording if it where possible.

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Two 2496 would give you 4 channels of analog audio, but you'd lose the digital(SPDIF) since those are needed to sync the two cards clock. It does work, I've used just such a setup for a number of years, but I wouldn't suggest to go that way today because 4 channels converter are so cheap nowadays.
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I own an AP 2496 PCI from 2004. Works wonderfully even in 2010!
Best $85 I ever spent for audio hardware (not counting REAPER, of course!)

Aren't the Delta cards in general designed for this expandability? The Delta Tray seems to indicate that (at least to me.)
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Yes you can use multiple Delta cards together, but as it's already been pointed out, they rely on synchronizing their internal clocks via S/DPIF, so you lose that digital input.

Alternatively, you could use them together without connecting them together, however they will drift apart over time, not using the same clock.

I use 2x Delta 1010 and 1x Delta 66 with no problems right now, so the Delta series has a lot of flexibility in pairing them together.
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