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Default 32 bit Reaper in 64 bit Windows

I'm sure this has been discussed to death, but I still feel like I can't find a difinative answer regarding RAM. Does anyone know how Windows 7 is going to handle RAM? I know that running Reaper 32 bit will only allow it to access 4 gig, but if I have 8 gigs in my machine, is Windows smart enough to allocate 4 gigs to Reaper and the OTHER 4 gigs to Windows? HELP!!
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Okay, I'll try to be not much technical, here it goes...

On contemporary operational systems (Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.), when a program starts up, the operational system creates a memory space exclusively for it, and that's where the program will allocate all its memory resources. In theory, 32-bit programs can address up to somewhat 4GB of memory (2^32 = 4,294,967,296) whereas 64-bit programs can access a lot more (just calculate 2^64 and you'll see).

When a program starts, all this amount of memory is not immediately allocated, otherwise you'll run out of memory with 1 or 2 programs. Instead, there is a minimal memory space which is allocated, and the operational system increases it as needed. Then you have the difference: 64-bit can go beyond the 4GB frontier of reserved memory space. The operational system knows how much memory it has, and when the total available memory is running short, it warns you. Until then, it will manage the memory distributing it among the running programs.

And yes, the operational systems of today are really smart!

Clear enough?
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