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Wow thank you for sharing. Your level of talent is nothing short of amazing! I think I'm gonna need a larger monitor for this one
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Jimmy James
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As is, this theme is one of the best of all time. It would be cool to have a finished. But, he has kicked so much butt and worked so hard, I won't complain if he never releases any more of this.

Heck, his transport is the most used ever. And I bet some other stuff as well.

My theory though, reaper and white the have teamed up to release a white the official theme for Reaper 6.
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Herr Nox
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I signed up to the board first and foremost to say that I need that V5 and that I would pay for it. I have all sorts of tingly feelings when I look at those previews.
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Default Props!

Quite simply, this is the best mixer design from an aesthetic, functional, and visual standpoint I have ever seen, real or virtual. Got rice(b)? Props White tie, Brainwreck, and Lawrence, and the rest of the cock(OS) Team for abolishing those nasty protools, cubase, and live boxes from the local guitar center.. Reaper kills em all.. But tomorrow!! Looop.
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What I Like is how the conventional Mixer, as in the hardware world, is perfectly created, then taken to the virtual world.
Truly phenomenal work.

Cant wait to see this.
Id pay a Benjamin for this.
iPad with killer synths
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What I would like to see is everything in the TCP area (except the transport panel) set to the standard REAPER 5 theme that comes with any recent REAPER version. The MCP is amazing and left just the way it is now. Only requesting this in case White Tie is done with this theme.
If work is still being done by White Tie then I will be waiting patiently until it is finished.
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I think White Tie will finish Imperial v5 as soon as he's done writing The Winds of Winter

Take your time WT, but hurry up!
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Extra curious how R6 will look like, maby he is wrestling that, thing atm.
Hope he will continue surprise us with this stuff in the future without regret.
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wrong thread... sorry!

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