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Default Live Recordings for Sale on USB for sale immediately after a show

Hi, i'm wondering about recording a live set on USB for sale to fans directly after shows, I have a USB duplicator already to do this. I'm just wondering if there is a way to input the ID3 tag information (Artist, track name, track number) before recording the show and then inserting markers to tell Reaper where the individual songs start and end by pressing a key combination or triggering markers with a midi note.

I'm not that familiar with Reaper (I've used NINJAM with it and that's about it). I did talk to someone that did the whole live recordings on USB and I believe they used Reaper for it. Can anybody tell me if this is possible to do with Reaper?
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I don't know about mp3 tags. But using scripts, it should be possible to render parts of a the complete project, separated by markers in an easy-to-use way.

If you need utmost functionality, even with some work to be done outside of Reaper, you can do a Python program as the master software and control Reaper via Beyond.


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Well if you set it up so that your filenames come out like "artist" - "track name" then it's really easy to do a batch process in mp3tag to convert the filenames to tags. It's not automatic in Reaper though, but there might be some scripts...
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