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Default does anyone experience slow Add track, and delete kind of operations in Catalina

I am struggling a bit with this, because operations like: add track , delete selected track feel too slow, and i am not sure why, so today i went back to the old system of reaper in Mavericks which i have as a second drive, to check the speed of this operations and i concluded that the difference is huge. This operations are quite instant in Mavericks while in Catalina they take a lot of time, example:

There seems to have a lag from when i click or do the shortcut until it finally starts doing it.
Does this happen to you?

Thank you for looking!
i had to come back !

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Not here, still works like it did in Mojave...
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working good on my 2012 imac and 2015 macbookpro.
Can't say that of the general OS behavior, or browsing safari.
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