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Default Done

Paid Up...No more waiting at startup.

Feels good. Done the right thing. About time.
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Good man!
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Cant go wrong for $60 bucks!!

Its interesting that I know some guys that complain about their music getting ripped....are the same ones that will use Reaper for free....for years...
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from 2009? OMG really???? yeah, about time I'd say... hahaha what took so long I wonder?
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
from 2009? OMG really???? yeah, about time I'd say... hahaha what took so long I wonder?
In the early days, while performance and efficiency has always been Reaper's forte, in my setup it was unstable, did not work with my MIDI keyboard's USB based MIDI, so I rarely used it. Moved over to use Cantabile for most of my needs (playing live instruments through plugins, and/or VST instruments). Actually abandoned all use of computers for music instruments, for a few years, sticking to just hardware instruments. The immediacy and trouble free creativity (5 seconds to making sound), rather than having to wait minutes for a computer to start, was the allure - predominantly for occasional songwriting, noodling and learning how to play keyboards better. It was great to simply sit down, switch on and play.

In recent times, it appears that the aforementioned concerns have been addressed, and Reaper has been the most stable personal software I have ever used (been using computers professionally and personally for a few decades) period. It became a no brainer, on some occasions running for weeks at a time, without crashing. It's become the heart of my studio, critical listening to reference tracks, or casual/recreational listening, I hear everything using it, including streaming audio from the web, Youtube, etc...

It has become like a Swiss army knife, just for the audio routing and processing features alone(I still have not used any MIDI in about 4 years). Really great accurate audio that I can trust.

It's an incredible audio production tool, works really well with almost every plugin I can think of. (actually only one obscure freeware effect plugin I have that did not work, but could be the error of the plugin itself).

Rather than route my live instruments through a mixer, Reaper became my mixer, and I could use this with the same comprehensiveness (actually far moreso) as any digital or analog mixer, but with the advantage of an almost unlimited choice of plugins, rather than being limited to whatever the hardware mixer manufacturer considered appropriate.

By this point, it was definitely time to do the right thing, as it had become an indispensable tool that I used regularly.

Great tool, enhances my quality of life, and I'd hate to see them ever go out of business or stop what they do, to the very highest standards in the audio software industry. These chaps deserve a Nobel prize, for making dreams come true...Super product, unprecedented stability, unquestionable audio quality(with only one caveat - sometimes - rendering is not as accurate as real time playback with some plugins, but this might not be Reaper's fault - will investigate further when I have spare time), features, price, documentation, videos, and a very knowledgeable community of users.

And you discover more every day. Just found out that ReaVerb also creates convolution impulses (to profile devices) as well as playing back audio through impulses to emulate the original instrument (e.g. guitar cabinet impulses)
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