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Default Any recommendations for good Impulse Responses for SYNTHS?

At the moment I'm just looking for some Impulse Response (Packs) of SYNTH IRs that I can pick from for future use that you all like using.

I sing to pre-recorded music and many of the songs have various SYNTH instruments and I don't yet have any SYNTH IR's in my collection and want to download some to get started.

At the moment I have synth instruments for Synth Brass, Synth Keys, Synth Pad, Synth Strings, etc.

Yes, I get it that it depends on the song, as well as other variables that dictate which IRs I pick, but these are just some examples of the types of synth instruments that I have.

The songs I am starting with are REMIX versions of songs like ALL NIGHT LONG from Lionel Richie, I WILL SURVIVE from Gloria Gaynor.

So, any referrals to IR packs you all like using I can check out to get started would be appreciated.
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An IR is not a musical instrument. It's more like a filter to process sound in a limited fashion. Things an IR can do:
- capture the reverb of a space
- capture an unchanging EQ curve
- capture the response of a speaker cab

If you want sound samples you'll have better luck searching for 'synth sound samples'.
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