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Default TCP + MCP Layout Sizing


I'm having trouble accomplishing a few things I'd like to do theme wise. Sorry if these questions have been asked a bunch of times before.. I searched around quite a bit on the forums and didn't quite find what I was looking for.

Basically, I'm just trying to do a few things:

-Create a TCP layout (or global TCP layout settings?) that at it's maximum zoomed out size is very, very small.

Would love to be able to see 100+ tracks when zoomed out (2k monitor). I don't know what to mess with in the rtconfig or if this screws up scaling for different TCP images or track labels and such.

-Modify existing MCP layouts to make them wider.

I work in a Logic-esque inspector type way with a single mixer channel strip visible on the left side of the screen in the arrange view. Would be great to make the MCP layouts wider and more visible.

-Make the Parameter FX controls in the MCP bigger and more visible.

Right now it's pretty cramped and difficult to quickly see what's going on with the FX Parameters in the MCP. Typically even short labels get cut off, and the parameter value number is snug up against the label. Also, is there any way to get rid of the displayed value and only have the label?

Last thing, which is pretty random: Is there a way to tweak the preferences so default item labels work like this:

Track Name (Cello 01) ----> Item Name (Cello 01)

Instead of:

Track Name (Cello 01) ----> Item Name (Cello 01 untitled MIDI item)

Granted, I only want to do this for MIDI items, and I'm not sure if that's possible.

Thanks so much for your help! It's much appreciated.
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Dear friend, if you are working w/
default theme, it will take some
doing to resize panels, however
you may find what you are looking for
in my ION theme. It has an
inspector type mixer panel, set up
much like that of Cubase's, and the
zoomed out tcp panels are 20px.

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Hey thanks, Never! Really cool theme, by the way.

Yeah, perhaps the MCP/TCP resizing stuff is beyond my ability to pull off at the moment. Will have to continue digging in the WALTER manual.

Also, as far as item naming, I just ended up making a custom action to take care of it:

SWS/BR: Select all MIDI items
Script: X-Raym_Select only tracks of selected items.lua
Script: spk77_Rename items to track name.eel

Works great!
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You can do that by specifying in this statement in the rtconfig.txt file.

tcp_heights 5 10 10 30

then modify the track/send defaults

at a height of 10px you get close to 100 tracks
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