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Default How to edit track control panel color display ?

Hey so I really like this theme and have being using it almost since I started using reaper.

I have one issue with it, thats how the color of the track control panel is displayed.

Notice in the attachment, the color of the track control panel does not reflect the track item colors. Its slightly darker and dimmed.

Any idea how I would go about editing so it would be the same as the track item color?

Many Thanks!
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At first glance, I would say that the tint used in the item_bg.png image file doesn't match the tint used for the tcp_bg.png one.

So, you'll have to use a graphic software to correct this and make them match again. This also requires to unzip the .ReaperThemeZip file and find these two files in the folder which contains all the graphic files used in the theme to edit them.

AFAIK, there is no other way to correct the tints difference...
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That looks like a theme that predates the V5 custom colouring technique, which uses transparency to accurately determine where custom colouriong is applied, and how strongly. The old legacy method combined the underlying colour, the custom colour and a set of user preferences to come to a final displayed colour. From a design perspective it was always extremely unpredictable.

Read more on all of this HERE if you wish.

Your options would be to either a) rebuild this theme, updating it to the modern colouring method (which would involve some image editing and adding a line to the rtconfig file), or b) to, I'm afraid, live with the shortcomings of the old method.
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