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Default Computer Path/VST Question

I currently have Reaper and several plugins on the main solid state drive of my computer. It hsa about 140ish GB free at the moment. I have a Samsung 1TB drive that I originally planned on using exclusively for Reaper/plugins...but was lazy and never set it up until yesterday. I'm a guitar player, and just picked up a Fishman midi pickup, and have a subscription for the EastWest sound library that looks like it can be pretty space intensive...which is another good reason to utilize the Samsung drive.

Here's the question: Would it be best for me to uninstall Reaper/plugins, and re-install everything on the new drive? It seems like things won't be "connected" otherwise. Is there an easy fix that I'm just not considering? If not, what's the RIGHT way to fix if there will be a problem?

I don't buy the whole "there are no stupid questions" mantra...but I'm at the apex of my computer knowledge. So be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thanks in advance,
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Your VSTs can be anywhere, and you can have multiple VST folders. Are you aware of that? You change that in Preferences -> Plug-ins -> VST. Just add on a folder in there, separated by a semi-colon, as it says.

You can have Reaper and some VST on one drive.. and more VSTs on another. Or you could have Reaper on one drive, the VSTs scattered around on other drives. Whatever you feel like. Speed wise (talking mainly about how fast a project loads), I'm sure there's a more optimal way to do it if your projects get a little crazy, but this should work for most purposes.

I personally have Reaper on one SSD, and then some VSTs and presets for the VSTs on a regular spin drive.
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Thanks a milliion! I'll set up the midi pickup, give it a try, and report back with the results!
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Here's another way to move plugins
ReaTrakStudio Chord Track for Reaper forum
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